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Explore Exeter history and heritage
Exeter Cathedral

Exeter’s St Peters Cathedral with its two magnificent towers has been dominating the city’s skyline since 1114 and is one of the finest examples of Gothic work in England today.

Directions: Located just off Exeter’s High Street

Tel: 01392 285983

Underground Passages

Unique medieval passages built under Exeter’s city centre dating back to the 14th century to provide the city with a constant supply of fresh water from springs outside the walls.

Directions: Entrance located in Paris Street

Tel: 01392 665887

Quay House Visitor Centre

Quayside is brought to life with lively displays, illustrations and artifacts.

Directions: Follow signs for the Historic Quayside.

Tel: 01392 271611

Exeter’s Red Coat Guided Tours

Guided walking tours are the perfect way to explore Exeter and discover one of the oldest cities in England.

Directions: Entrance located in Paris Street

Tel: 01392 665887

Northernhay / Rougemont Gardens

Rougemont Gardens are set below the castle walls where part of the moat once lay. Although now dry, it is easily identified by the dip in the landscape’s contour. Following a footpath to the higher end of the gardens will eventually lead you to a gate in the wall. Upon passing through this gate you will arrive in the beautiful gardens of Northernhay. These gardens are believed to be the first public gardens to be built in the country.

St Nicholas Priory

The Priory of St Nicholas is a well preserved wing of a once much larger building dating back to the eleventh century in the times of William the Conqueror. The Norman features include a large guest hall, which was used by the Prior for entertaining.

University Gardens

The University of Exeter 400 acre campus is one of the best in England The grounds offer everything from a botanical garden and arboretum to an extensive flowering heather bed and sculpture walk.

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Powderham Castle

Powderham Castle lies in a beautiful deer park on the banks of the River Exe, just a stone's throw from the historic cathedral city of Exeter. The Castle was first opened to visitors in 1959, since then in excess of a million people have been through the doors to share in over 600 years of history and heritage and take away many fond memories.

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Orange Elephant Ice Cream Parlour

The Orange Elephant is nestled in the beautiful Haldon Valley, with stunning views that look up to the impressive Castle of Haldon Belvedere, and the meadow fits right into the picturesque landscape.

Orange Elephant Ice Cream is made onsite using milk from our cows. The farm is set over 500 acres and the Taverner family have been dairy farming here for five generations.

Set in a renovated courtyard, the parlour has seating for 60 customers either around traditional farm house tables or outside on benches in the court yard.

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House of Marbles

House of Marbles are makers & purveyors of a world famous range of glass marbles, board games, classic toys, puzzles, pastimes & decorative accessories for the home and garden. We have been designing, making and selling fun and entertaining products since 1973, when our founder began making board games in his workshop to sell at local craft fairs.

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